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Dr Bhupesh Mishra


Office: Wilberforce Building 208, University of Hull

Bhupesh Mishra is a Lecturer in AI and Data Science at the Centre of Excellence for Data Science, AI & Modelling Centre (DAIM), University of Hull. He is leading the module Applied Artificial Intelligence for MSC (AI and Data Science). He has been engaged in different research within the Responsible AI group and across other research groups in the domain of Neuro-symbolic AI, explainable and responsible AI, LLM in healthcare, Citizen Science, Environment and Smart Cities, and Optimisation and Scheduling. Before joining the University of Hull, he was a lecturer in AI and Data Science at the University of Gloucestershire, where he was the program coordinator for the course BSC in Artificial Intelligence. He has also worked as a Lecturer in Computer Science for 7 years at Kantipur Engineering College, a higher education institute in Nepal.


Bhupesh had worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Bradford under the EU-funded project SCORE with 9 European local councils and 3 university partners. During the 3 years of his post-doc, he was responsible for leading the delivery of several Smart Cities solutions on the EU SCORE project serving several European Municipalities and City Councils. He completed his PhD in computer science from the University of the West of Scotland, UK, in the year 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Keshav Dahal and Prof. Zeeshan Pervez with the thesis title: “Modelling and Optimisation of Relief Items Distribution Schedules in Static and Dynamic Post-disaster Environments”. In his academic and research career he has been PI/Co-PI for different projects with successful completion and has published 30+ research articles in different high-quality Journals and Conferences.


Useful URLs:


Large Language Models

Citizen Science and Smart Cities

Edge AI

Scheduling & Optimisation

Funded Research Projects as PI/Co-I

AKT: Predictive Manufacturing Optimization using Neural Networks (PROMINN) (2024)

Role: Principal Investigator
Funder: UKRI (£35K)

Partner: Luxinar Limited, Hull

Vital Knowledge Exchange Visits: Bolstering Ongoing Collaborative Responsible AI Projects (2024)
Role: Principal Investigator

Funder: University of Hull (£15k)
Partners: IIT-Madras

Insights into Student Feedback using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Techniques (2023)
Role: Co-Investigator

Funder: Research Grant, University of Gloucestershire (£10K)

AI and Ethical Challenges: Different Users’ Perspectives (2023)
Role: Co-Investigator

Funder: QR-Fund, University of Gloucestershire (£5k)


Data-driven Socioeconomic Diversity and Behavioral Change Analysis for Indoor Air Quality (2022)

Role: Co-Investigator
Funder: QR-Fund, University of Gloucestershire (£5k)

Investigation on Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation from Mobile Base Stations (BTS) and its Health Hazard to General Public (2015)

Role: Principal Investigator
Funder: University Grant Commission, Nepal (NPR 1M)

PhD Students/Research Staff

List of PhD students Dr. Mishra supervises/supervised. 

PhD in LLM integration for Healthcare Support
My role: Principal Supervisor 


PhD in LLM with Social Media Data for Humanitarian Decision Making
My role: Principal Supervisor 


PhD in Responsible AI Integration Framework for Healthcare
My role: Principal Supervisor 


Neil Chaabouni-Yaiche

PhD in LLM for Financial Prediction Modelling.
My role: Co-supervisor 


PhD in AI and IoT for Indoor/Outdoor Air pollution

My role:Co-supervisor

Status: Completed in 2024

(Currently: Lecturer with University of Hull)


Reena John

MPhil in Indoor Air Pollution and Asthma

My role: Co-supervisor

Status: Completed in 2023


Arjmand Naveed

PhD In AI and Healthcare - Semantic Similarity and Analogy

My role: Co-supervisor

Status: Completed in 2022

(Currently: Research Associate at the University of Bradford)

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