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Dr Rameez Kureshi


Office: 303C, Third floor, Robert Black Burn Building, University of Hull

Rameez is a Lecturer and Programme Director for the Hull online MSc in Artificial Intelligence. He has expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Edge Computing, Cyber Security, and the Internet of Things (IoT). His work focuses on addressing environmental and societal challenges through technology. In 2023, he earned a PhD from the University of Bradford, UK, with research on integrating AI, IoT, and behavioural science to enhance indoor air quality monitoring and promote behavioural change for environmental sustainability. Rameez also holds an MSc in Cyber Security from the University of Bradford (2017-2018) and has completed a Master’s (MCA, 2014-2016) and a Bachelor’s (BCA, 2011-2014) in computer applications from India, both with Distinction, building his foundation in software development, data analysis, and system security. Prior to his role at the University of Hull, Rameez was involved in several European Commission-funded projects. These include “Smart Cities and Open Data REuse (SCORE – £2.8M)” and “LifeCritical,” focusing on AI-driven healthcare solutions and smart city technologies. His work encompasses developing machine learning calibrations for IoT devices, edge computing, creating AI-powered urban observatories, and researching air quality and health impacts. Additionally, Rameez contributed to the “Horizon Scanning project for Urban Planning with Net Zero Targets” with Digital Catapult (£15k funding).


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PhD Students/Research Staff

List of PhD students Dr. Kureshi supervises. 

PhD in AI Safety for Autonomous Systems
My role: Co-supervisor 


PhD in Responsible Evaluation of Clean Air Zones
My role: Principal Supervisor 

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