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Jevon Westcarr


Office: Wilberforce Building 214

PhD topic:  Responsible Evaluation of Clean Air Zones

Jevon has a robust background in computer science, with extensive experience in software engineering and has developed innovative solutions across numerous industries. Now a PhD student in the Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Modelling department at the University of Hull, Jevon blends his expertise in computer science with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. His research focuses on developing advanced analysis techniques to evaluate clean air zones, with a view to creating fairness-based AI solutions and establishing a framework for future AI-driven systems incorporating fairness metrics. He aims to discover the reductive power of the clean air zone framework on outdoor air pollutants and its impact on respiratory and cardiovascular health.

In addition to his research, Jevon serves as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Hull, supporting the MSc programme in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. He teaches machine learning, data analysis, and AI concepts, helping students apply these techniques to real-world data and projects. Prior to this, Jevon taught computer science as an adjunct lecturer, underscoring his passion for teaching.


In his free time, he enjoys coding personal projects, going to the gym, and becoming the ultimate Hollow Knighter.

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Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Modelling (DAIM) Scholarship (2023)

Funder: UKRI

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Scholarship (2021)

Funder: Office for Students, UK

Centennial Scholarship (2011)

Funder: Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica


Principal Supervisor 





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