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Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Techniques, methodologies including Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models (Foundational Models), Neuro-Symbolic AI for explainability (Knowledge Graphs/Semantic Web in conjunction with Deep/Machine Learning to make the models/AI explainable); Trustworthy/Safe AI, Ethics/Legal aspects

Funded Research Projects


Adopting a Circular Economy Business Model for Resource Efficiency in ICT industry (ACE4ICT)

Role: Principal Investigator
Funder: Innovate UK (£178k)

Partners: TechBuyer UK

Internet of Things (IoT) & Edge AI

Edge Artificial Intelligence/TinyML, Citizen Science, Real-time stream processing(Complex Event Processing) and analytics, Security and Privacy, Early Warning Systems (flooding, landslides)

Smart Cities

Focus on the use of IoT/AI in terms of technologies, and Environmental Solutions for Smart Cities including Air Quality Monitoring, Flood Monitoring. 

Digital Health

Use of Artificial Intelligence and IoT for supporting health issues in particular effect of pollution on Children's health, and self-management of multimorbidity

Office for Students PG Conversion Course in Artificial Intelligence(AI) Funding 

Role: Co-Investigator
Funder: Office for Students (£600k)



Blockchain-enabled Cloud Computing based integrated Carbon Calculator (Be4C)

Role: Co-Investigator
Funder: STFC Science & Technology Facilities Council (£25k)



A dynamic machine learning systems for standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code for UK Immigration Law Industry

Role: Co-Investigator
Funder: UKRI (£30k)

Partners: AYJ Solicitors, UK


Big Data and IoT based smart digital vouchering solutions 

Funder: Innovate UK (£136k)

My Role: Co-Investigator
Co-ordinator/PI: Dr Savas Konue

2018 - 2022

Smart Cities and Open Data REuse (SCORE)

Funder: European Commission (€2.8M)
Role: Uni of Bradford (Principle Investigator)
Co-ordinator: Amsterdam City Council

Partners: Amsterdam Data Science, Aarhus University, Hamburg, Aarhus, Bergen, Bradford, Aberdeen, Ghent, Dordrecht

March 2020 - July 2020

UrbaN Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Observatory (UNIAQ)

Funder: CCIP (£25k)

Role: PI/Co-ordinator
Partners: Born In Bradford, Bradford City Council, Uni of Leeds, Well Bradford.

2020 - 2022

AI-based Service Management Suite 

Funder: Innovate UK (£194k)
My Role: Co-Investigator
Co-ordinator/PI: Dr Savas Konur

2018 - 2022

Deep Learning/AI and Drones for supporting measures for understanding hazardous terrain/ contaminated land. 

Funder: Global Challenges Research Fund  (£73.3k)

My Role: Co-Investigator
Co-ordinator/PI: Dr Andrew Wison


Automatic Asset Recognition using Drones and Deep Learning

Funder: Innovate UK (£139.5k)

My Role:  Principal Investigator
Co-ordinator : Prof. Rami Qahwaji

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