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Neuro-Symbolic AI Research as part of RAI Group @ Hull

We are one of the very few research groups in the country to research into Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence. We have over 15+ years of track record in the development of Knowledge graph-based approaches to exploit the potential of knowledge-infused techniques in a range of domains including health, circular economy, net zero, cyber security, law and many other domains. 


Neuro-symbolic artificial intelligence(NS-AI) refers to a field of research and applications that combines machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks, such as deep learning, with symbolic approaches to computing and artificial intelligence (AI), as can be found for example in the AI subfield of knowledge representation and reasoning. Neuro-symbolic artificial intelligence can be defined as the subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) that combines neural and symbolic approaches.


By neural we mean approaches based on artificial neural networks – sometimes called connectionist or subsymbolic approaches – and in particular this includes deep learning, which has provided very significant breakthrough results in the last decade, and is fuelling the current general interest in AI. By symbolic, we mean approaches that rely on the explicit representation of knowledge using formal languages – including formal logic – and the manipulation of language items (‘symbols’) by algorithms to achieve a goal.

Our focus in NS-AI is:

-Advancing techniques to build and manage knowledge graph structures

-Navigation and exploration of knowledge graph structures

-Use of knowledge graph-based knowledge-infused techniques to improve performance of Large Language models: for improving explainability, factuality, and address: hallucinations, recencyand application-level safety


Numerous members of our group actively contribute to advancing research in this field, and several PhD students have successfully completed their programs under our guidance. Below is a list of publications resulting from our research in NS-AI.

Selected Publications:


  • Al-Tawil, Marwan; Dimitrova, Vania; Thakker, Dhavalkumar; Abu-Salih, Bilal; Emerging Exploration Strategies of Knowledge Graphs, IEEE Access,2023

  • Mboli, Julius Sechang; Thakker, Dhavalkumar; Mishra, Jyoti L; An Internet of Things‐enabled decision support system for circular economy business model, Software: Practice and Experience,52,3,772-787,2022

  • Mboli, Julius; Thakker, Dhavalkumar; Mishra, Jyoti; Artificial Intelligence-Powered Decisions Support System for Circular Economy Business Models. 25th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems,2023.

  • Mboli, Julius; Thakker, Dhavalkumar; Mishra, Jyoti; Sivrajah, Sankar; Domain Experts and Natural language Processing in the Evaluation of Circular Economy Business Model Ontology, The Sixth International Workshop on Semantic Computing and Knowledge Creation based on Needs Engineering as part of 15th IEEE International Conference on ​Semantic Computing,2021.

  • Aljamel, Abduladem; Osman, Taha; Thakker, Dhavalkumar; A semantic knowledge-based framework for information extraction and exploration, International Journal of Decision Support System Technology (IJDSST),13,2,85-109,2021, IGI Global

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