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Dr Julius Sechang Mboli


Office: Wilberforce Building 208, University of Hull

Dr Julius Mboli, a lecturer in Data Science, AI & Modelling Centre (DAIM), brings extensive interdisciplinary knowledge to the intersection of business management and data science. With a profound understanding of data-driven decision-making, his expertise lies in guiding students and collaborating with industry partners to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics within business contexts. His diverse skill set includes data visualization, statistical modelling, and various analytics methodologies, fostering practical learning experiences for undergraduate, postgraduate, and apprenticeship programs.


Before his tenure at the University of Hull, Julius served as a lecturer in Business Data Analytics at Teesside University International Business School. His role encompassed Enterprise Knowledge Exchange (EKE), Research and Innovation, and Learning and Teaching activities. Additionally, he contributed as a Co-Investigator in two Innovate UK funded research projects focusing on International Digital Trade and Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).


Julius's consultancy extends to businesses navigating cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT, where he assesses their potential impact through horizon scanning and delivers insightful talks on digital transformation strategies. His academic journey includes a PhD in AI and IoT from the University of Bradford, exploring Industry 4.0 Technologies and their role in Circular Economy Business Models. This research has significantly contributed to academia, business success, and sustainable development goals.


In addition to his PhD, Julius holds an MBA from the University of the People and an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Bradford. His expertise extends to delivering guest lectures on advanced AI techniques and their implications for businesses.


Funded Research Projects as PI/Co-I

Physical assuRance fOr diGital tRadE SyStems (PROGRESS)

Role: Co-investigator
Funder: Innovate UK (£239K)

Partner: Teeside University

PhD Students/Research Staff

List of PhD students Dr. Mboli supervises. 

Luke Warren

PhD in AI and LLM Integration in Collectibles Grading for Trading Card Games and Sport Cards
My role: Supervisor 

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